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Fixed Rate of Interest.

Fixed Interest Rate is an roi that remains fixed throughout the personal loan tenure. In other word if an individual has taken a personal loan for 5 years, the interest rate offered by the bank will remain same throughout the tenure.

Floating Personal Loan Interest Rate

Floating Personal loan interest rate is an roi that changes during the loan tenure. For this type of personal loan, there is a basic rate that is informed to the borrower while availing the loan and the interest rate keeps on fluctuating above and below this basic rate as per floating components.

Whats the Factors that Influence Your Personal Loan Interest Rates?

Personal loan interest rate roi basicaly starts from 10.75% but is not same for everyone and if you are planning to avail a personal loan, it is important for you to understand the factors that may influence your interest rate. Depending on the following factors two individuals can get different interest rates on a personal loan from the same lender:

  • Credit score
    A cibil score not only helps you to avail a personal loan but also it helps in pull down your interest rate. How? A cibil score is a 3 digit number that acts as a validation of how you have handled the past repayments of your credit cards and personal loans etc
  • You need every time to repay your EMI on time, score are added to your cibil score and defaults or late payments take your cibil score down by a few score.
  • It is most important to maintain a good cibil score of 750 or above as it proves your creditworthiness and such individuals are considered reliable by the lenders during offering a personal loan and hence a lower interest rate may be offered.
  • Income:
    As personal loans are unsecured loans and you do not need to involve any collateral against them and a higher monthly income of an individual works as an assurance to the lenders. The lenders tend to believe that high income borrowers able to repay the loan without any delay and hence offer a lower interest rate to them. For example, a borrower with a monthly income of Rs. 80,000 might get a personal loan with an interest rate of as low as 10.99% but on the other hand, a borrower with a monthly income of Rs. 24,000 might get an interest rate of 13.50% from the same bank.
  • Reputed employer:
    If you are working with a reputed organisation, you are most likely to crack a great deal on your personal loan interest rate. This happens because lenders believe that such borrowers have a stable job and receive salary on time thats why he able to repay the EMIs on time. Apart from this, the nature of your job also influences your credit score as a salaried professional might get a different interest rate as compared to a self- employed individual.

Relationship with your bank:

If you have a salary account with any bank and share a good history of repaying the past EMIs with the bank on time, the bank is most likely to offer you a personal loan with lower interest rate or processing fee. The lenders might also offer you a few more benefits.

Best Deal on Your Personal Loan Interest Rate.

Availing a normal personal loan is quick and easy but availing a personal loan at the lowest interest rate might be dificult if you don’t consider the following points before applying for a personal loan.

  • Improve your credit score of 750 or above as it defines your credit worthiness and convinces the lenders to offer you a cheaper interest rate. If your credit score is below 750, you will have to make efforts to maintain it. The easy ways to do so are to keep paying the EMIs of your existing loans and credit cards on time and keep checking your credit report for any defaults
  • Pay existing loan, if any: Your loan to Income Ratio (LTI) that is calculated by dividing your monthly loans and credit cards by your monthly income is also taken into consideration by lenders as this ration helps the lenders to determine your ability to manage monthly EMIs along with the other expenses. If your LTI is more than 50%, you will either not be considered for a loan or the lender will charge you a high interest rate. Before applying for a personal loan, it is suggestion to pay your existing loan to bring the LTI ration down, which will actuly help you to get a lowest interest rate.
  • Compare lenders: Don’t go for the very first personal loan offer you get or see. It is a good practice to compare interest rates offered by different lenders on a personal loan and then go for the lender offering the lowest interest rate. At ASR Financial Service, you can compare the interest rates offered by different banks under one roof and can choose the desired one. Also, do not forget to compare other hidden charges and terms and conditions as well.
  • Apply with a co- applicant: If your credit score is below 750, lenders may be sanction your personal loan but with a higher interest rate. Under such situations, you can apply for a personal loan with a co- application (maybe spouse or a parent) having a credit score of 750 or above. This way, the financial information of both your co- application and you will be considered and you might get a lower interest rate. Consider pre- approved offers: Lenders after considering your repayment history may offer you a pre- approved loan. When such an offer comes from the bank side, a lower interest rate might be offered because the bank has already analysed each and every aspect. So, keep looking for personal loan pre- approved offers.